Little Cupcake Brooches

 Little Cupcake Brooches were born from watching Oprah.  It happened to be an episode highlighting the struggle of women to survive, let alone be given the dignity they deserve, in some parts of the world.  This weighed so heavy on my heart that I cried for the next three hours and even now when I think about it, my eyes start to leak a bit.  I then decided I couldn't sit still and not DO something to ease the suffering of at least one woman, so I got out my knitting needles.  I was wearing a brooch when some of my teaching friends noticed and asked about them.  I told them what I wanted to do with the cupcakes, sell them and give the profits to help women  trapped in slavery.  We had a cupcake party and made a whole batch of these knitted treats, but most importantly we were educated on slavery today.  Here are some of the facts we learned.
1.  There are more slaves today than when William Wilberforce worked to abolish the slave trade in the 1800's.
2.  Slaves are CHEAPER to buy and own today than they were in the 1800's.
3.  80% of the people trapped in slavery are forced into the sex industry. (This includes young girls)
4.  Most of the time parents sell their children into slavery because they simply can not afford to raise them.                                                                       

 Those facts alone were enough to break my heart.  So almost all of the money from the brooches goes to help support micro enterprise to prevent parents or IJM who work to free people trapped in slavery from having to be so desperate they sell their children. 
Brooches are $7 each with $5 from every sale going to Tear Fund's Micro enterprise or IJM to free a slave. 

These make great little gifts and look so cute anyway you wear them!  Plus you know you are doing good for others!