Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hello Gorgeous!

I've just spent the last two weeks in the States for my grandfather's funeral. It was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate an incredible man and his great life. I am truly blessed to have called him my grandpa and that I was able to travel to be there. That is why I've been a bit quiet on the beaded woman front.

But I'm back and ready to hit the ground running. This week, I've got a lot of things to accomplish before my first craft market- Botany Town Centre May 1-2. If you live in the Botany area, come see me. It's a great opportunity to get Mother's Day Shopping done.
I also have my professional photo's done by Coralee de Freitas! They look amazing so will post them today so you can have a look at my work. Check out the awesome photos Coralee takes at her website. They are amazing, thank you Coralee for an awesome job well done. She also took the photo for my logo, isn't it cool!

Now that I have good quality photos, I'm going to start selling on TradeMe. I will be offically open for business. (I have made my first sale, by the way and the title of my first customer goes to Richelle! Thanks, Riche!:) )

I've also started a Facebook page and will be doing some competitions off that website, so look me up there too! They are no longer doing fans, so you'll just have to LIKE the beaded woman. :)