Sunday, March 28, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

I woke up this morning with my mind a buzz. This Saturday is my first craft market down at Botany. There is a lot to finish this week, bags, make some more samples finish the birthstone babies. I won't be doing much sitting still and I find this very exciting.
Last night my husband successfully bid on a pop up gazebo that I need for the markets. Good job, Babe! Now have I told you I need a table or two to go under the gazebo. :)
I am also aware that people would like to see my product on my blog page. The beads from the States arrived last week and the bracelets look so amazing! The only problem is they are more difficult to photograph than I thought. They look much more gorgeous in person! So it is my goal this week to get justifying pictures and get the photos up!
Right I better stop messing around on the computer and write my do to list for the week.


sewfunky said...

exciting stuff! :)

The Bag Lady and The Beaded Woman said...

It is very exciting, except I found out that they aren't doing the market this weekend because of Easter. They are doing it next weekend, but I'm busy making a wedding cake and attending the wedding of the year. Then I'm teaching on the Sunday so I can't do it then either. Oh well, May is coming and its the weekend before Mother's Day so here's hoping it will be a big selling day for me!