Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Taking the Plunge One Step at a Time!

We were given a desk last week, so I've cleaned a corner of the living room out for my "office". It immediately attracted attention from the soon to be birthday boy. He was over there before I hardly had it in place with his animals happily "chatting" to one another as they danced across the top. "No, no, this is MOMMY'S space.", I was quick to tell him. "Oh, it's your space?", he replied. Funny how when you become a parent things quickly become the colloquial "we" and nothing is your own anymore...
Also in the last week, I've contacted three different website companies for quotes on a website (gonna have to wait on that a bit I think), started making enquiries about taking my wares to the craft markets/shows, joined Mums on Top Mumpreneur Program and have found some of the beads I need here in New Zealand so I don't have to import them myself! Oh yeah and I've contacted customs on how much it is going to cost me to import some of my beads. I've also sent out a request to friends for a portable gazebo that I will need for the craft markets (still need one of those if anyone has one that lives in the Auckland area). So this "job" is keeping me busy.
Today though, I plunged a bit deeper and made my bead order! My heart raced a bit faster as I hit the checkout button. This is a bit nerve racking really and the stress is showing up in spots all over my face! :)
So now we wait for the beads to arrive. I will put pictures up on the blog once I've made some samples. Wonder who will be my first customer? I wonder if anyone is even reading my blog!


Riche said...

Me me me! I wanna be the first!!

Don't panic about the spots. Perhaps it's just a sign of how youthful you truly are :-)

Rob said...

hey Girl!! I love this!!! Absolutely go for it and God is going honor it. I find this so exciting, and my heart beats for the same thing (being at home with children and being able to do something I love) I have been thinking a lot about this same subject, not with beads but other areas. so you are an inspiration to me! My best friend here beads and I love this sort of stuff, so it just might be me as your first customer

Rob said...

by the way the above post was from DaNae NOT rob!!!